Solutions For Low Cost Fly Lines Without A Spool

Most of the low cost fly lines out there come with no spool and are usually just wrapped with 2 twisty ties and put in a bag. When I read reviews for these cheap lines the most common complaint I read is the line gets all tangled and knotted while trying to put the line on a reel.

Here is my simple solution but it may require the purchase of a previous line that came with a spool unless you can scrounge one from a friend. (editor’s note: Fly shops generally have a few on hand, too.) The fly line spools are usually able to be split apart.
open spool and inexpensive fly line

Simply place your new spool-less line onto the spool like so…
line on spool

Be sure to place it over the larger side of the inner spool so you do not squish your line.

Boom. Now you can put it on your reel nice and easy.
(Or sell it on ebay. I am kidding do not rip people off on ebay.)
cheapo or SA Magnum?

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Maxcatch V-Explorer Review

My Maxcatch V-Explorer 6wt cheapo Chinese rod and line review.

$24 for the rod and $7 for the line shipped.

Today I came home to a package at my door (12 business days from ordering) and I got a little excited like I always do. The clear plastic tube was harder than I expected and was wrapped in bubble wrap, foam, and tape. I was expecting the cheap plastic sheeting that is usually stapled together and used for packaging but it was not. The tube is actually pretty solid with the caps on.

At first glance you can see that the quality control is non-existent. There are many flaws in the rod itself and many missing thread wraps on the guides. They also overdid it with the epoxy in a few spots (may be a good thing with the missing thread?) and it looks pretty sloppy.

I haven’t removed the plastic from the cork handle but you can see that it is mostly filler. We will see how it holds together with a wet hand. I have sent back a Cabela’s RLS rod before because of this very problem so I guess it will be no biggy for a $24 rod without a spine. Yup, there is no spine, some pieces want to bend one way while others prefer their own way.

The line looks and feels like a typical low-cost line. The coating even seems to slide over the under-filament (whatever it is?) like they thread it in themselves.  It has 2 loops but the inside line does not extend all the way through. Where the loops are bound to the side of the line there is a void inside and the coating kinda folds like an empty hose would. I doubt the loops will last and do not trust them so I will switch to a nail knot.

No water test yet (not for a few weeks) but I did take it out back. On Aliexpress they advertise the rod as a fast action but on eBay they categorize it as moderate fast. I disagree with them both and would call it a medium/moderate action. Though it does mostly flex like a moderate/fast it does bend a little deeper, even deeper than my CGR 7/8 does. My opinions can be flawed though because I have been only throwing a BVK for the past few weeks and my judgement is off.

With their 6wt line on it I was throwing 60 feet easy but it is hard to get a tight loop and the wind was getting me beyond 60. Any target within 60 feet I could hit easily and the rod was even able to make a decent roll cast off of the grass.

Hey! For 24 bucks I shouldn’t complain. It can cast a line and I wouldn’t cry if I lost it while kayaking.

Eagle Claw Featherlights are a much better buy. If you already have a Featherlight, hey these are cheaper.

The grip

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