Prime Fly Rod

Cabela’s has a long history with budget angling.  Many people when starting out can’t resist the low cost options they have to offer.  The 3 Forks fly rods are easily some of the lowest priced rods to learn on.  They might break, or they might live a long life, but at around $60 bucks, most people could afford to find out.

Honestly, I looked at them with mild disgust in my formative fly fishing years.  Borderline garbage.  Then something happened, the 50th anniversary Cabela’s Glass Rod.  Glass, as in fiberglass. The CGR was released in 2011. I was in love and I had to have one.  At $99 it was still too pricey for my 2011 self.  Then, they went on sale.  50% off.  I scored one, the 7/8, and I still have it.  The rod has been retired now, after two near-death experiences, I don’t want to lose it.

Following the success of the CGR, They released the short-lived  CGt, which I assume stood for Cabela’s Glass traditional.  It was a stiffer rod than the CGR, more expensive, and not as fun.  The CGR was dead, and wasn’t coming back.  Until it did, a perfect replica of the original, but a bit more expensive, about $30 to be exact.  It wasn’t long before they went on-sale too.  I got two more.  Then they went away. They’re back now, and on sale, but they aren’t the same.  Still good, but not the same. Somewhere in the mix, they released the best rod, and the most expensive version…


The Prime.


One piece, beautiful, and it rarely goes on sale.  Until it does.  Like right now.  $70.00 off.  The new CGRs (The CGR2) is also on sale for $70.00 off.  Why buy them?  Two words, Lifetime Warranty.  Cabela’s now offers a lifetime warranty on all their branded rods and reels.