Solutions For Low Cost Fly Lines Without A Spool

Most of the low cost fly lines out there come with no spool and are usually just wrapped with 2 twisty ties and put in a bag. When I read reviews for these cheap lines the most common complaint I read is the line gets all tangled and knotted while trying to put the line on a reel.

Here is my simple solution but it may require the purchase of a previous line that came with a spool unless you can scrounge one from a friend. (editor’s note: Fly shops generally have a few on hand, too.) The fly line spools are usually able to be split apart.
open spool and inexpensive fly line

Simply place your new spool-less line onto the spool like so…
line on spool

Be sure to place it over the larger side of the inner spool so you do not squish your line.

Boom. Now you can put it on your reel nice and easy.
(Or sell it on ebay. I am kidding do not rip people off on ebay.)
cheapo or SA Magnum?

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  1. Just wanted to add that I just came across this blog and have listed it on my blogroll over on Flyfishin’ Times. I, totally agree, that flyfishin’ does not need to break the budget. There is so much available that can be had for a great price if one knows where to look. This site will help.

    Good advice on how to manage the lines that come unspooled!

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