Small Dollars, Big Fun.

The Most Expensive Part Of This Rig Is The Line.

And even the line was cheap.  Here is the breakdown.

Rod: Eagle Claw Featherlight $29.99

Reel: No name ebay single action Net Cost $3.75

Leader: Umpqua Freshwater Shorty $2.65 ($4.99 minus $2.34 store credit)

Line: Scientific Angler Frequency Magnum $49.95

Tippet: Orvis Mirage Fluorocarbon 3x $5.00 (Normally $14.95)


That means, with sales tax included this rig is $98.87.  Fully fishable, out the door, and less than the cost of an entry level St. Croix Rio Santo ($109, rod only)

This is a great set up. Overlining the Featherlight really helps it come alive. The click of the single action is a war cry when a fish has earned being put on the reel.

I’m also impressed with the Frequency Line from Scientific Angler.  They are offering some tapers previously relegated to the higher end series of lines. I was able to cast across the river with relative ease and minimize false casting. The line shot out so easy; forgetting this was a bargain setup was inevitable.


The best part? It caught fish. Lots of them too. Come to find out, they weren’t disappointed to not see “Sage” or “Thomas & Thomas” on the rod that subdued them. Fish don’t check the price tag of your gear.  The performance is what matters and this set up has it.  I will be hanging onto this rig for a while.

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2 Replies to “Small Dollars, Big Fun.

  1. Those of us who fish with vintage fiberglass and second hand (or third or more hands) concur that less costly gear or used old gear all catch fish. The catch is that you have to know your and your gears limitations. I’m always looking for the good, the bad and the ugly because I know my limitations.

    1. I’ve also never had a vintage reel give out on me. Can’t say that about a few of the “larger” brands.

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