One Hundred and Fifty Bucks

A quick search on the internet will find several articles about budget fly rods

Our problem with a lot of them is the names and prices they are throwing out.  Sage, Orvis, St Croix, Thomas & Thomas, Mystic, etc…  With prices ranging from $70-$300.  Most of the posted rods seem to fall on the $150 plus range.  That’s crap.  So sorry, but a rod shouldn’t cost much more than a nice dinner to be considered budget.

Here at the Fly & Dime, we are setting a cap.  A high-end rod on this site caps at $150.  That’s as high as we will go.  Same for fly reels, waders, wading boots, vests, packs, basically any big money item we frequently use. “Sage is offering 65% off the Sage X today!” That’s great, but that price is still four times higher than anything we will advertise on this site.  We aren’t going to spend that kind of money, we won’t suggest you do it either. This is Five & Dime Fly Fishing, folks.  We keep it cheap here.

One Hundred and Fifty Bucks.  That’s our cap.

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