The Humble Eagle Claw

The Eagle Claw Featherlight.

This is easily the best damn fly rod for the money.  I mean seriously.  This thing is $29.99 retail.  You know how much the warranty cost of a TFO, Ross Worldwide, or G. Loomis is?  $30, $50, and who knows?  Essentially, you have the same warranty with Eagle Claw as those other rod companies.

But how does it perform?  It’s wrestled a huge smallmouth buffalo, several carp, plenty of bass, a couple of schoolie specks, some puppy drum, and several longnose gar into submission with no issues.  The proof is hidden in my instagram stream.  Essentially, it performs great.  They always feel better for me over lined one or two weights, depending on the model.  There are a bunch of different models too.

These are Parabolic, Fiberglass, Fun rods.  Short with a sweet action, and an even better price point.  There is no such things as buyer’s remorse with this fly rod.


Buy One Here, or don’t. I’m a link, not your supervisor.

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  1. Definitely the best rod for the money. I used mine almost exclusively for an entire summer two years ago, despite having higher end rods. It rode around in my car with all my construction tools and never broke, and if it did so what? Like you said, it has the same warranty cost. Great rod and a lot of fun for a little coin.

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